My Dream V2

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:D I guess publishing the first part fixed whatever was preventing me from continuing, so here is the finished one xD
Feb 4, 2012 04:52
Hey, welcome back! smile Thank you for commenting... I think your try is very very good...Certainly not worse than mine... wink I think practice is the strongest part on how a person learns to draw + little hints on how to do it. I believe everyone, especially the self-teachers have to try many different ways to find out what suits them. I avoided using references because that was something I couldn't do. But after a while I gave it a try. So I did with persons and animals. Many things I learnt from the work of the other guys here. I know I still have a loads of things to learn, but I see progress myself and appreciation from you guys is the fuel that also keeps me going. I learnt also not to underestimate my work (even though it is hard sometimes) smile, coz very often the reactions surprise me. Every work carry something unique in itself. So does yours. I wouldn't worry about the personal style. I don't think I have mine. There are so many options in this app that sometimes I wonder whether I ever explore them all in the full scale. smile It is also good, that you drew or painted before with a real brush or a pencil. I don't do that. I got spoiled by PM I think.. LOL
Keep it up! I really like and looking forward for your work! smile
Feb 4, 2012 10:41
could'nt have said it better than zuz wink nice mushroom cloud!
Feb 4, 2012 05:30
Yeah, I study a lot of the work on here, especially the ones pertaining to people and animals, as those are the things I'm the worst at currently. I know I have a LOT of work as an artist, but PM will surely help me a great deal. Thank you both for the encouragement. (Honestly I'm a little surprised it ended up looking like a person at all raspberry)And I still have trouble making puff clouds, but I think I'm starting to move in the right direction.
Feb 4, 2012 11:14
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