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thought of another suggestion: it would be nice if we could also use the arrow or wasd keys to pan across the sketch while zoomed in
Aug 8, 2012 05:42
thanks for suggestion, maybe it will be on the next update

also check
one of the first sketches here wink
Aug 9, 2012 10:41
awesome another one! i wonder just how many vermeers lay undiscovered in pencilmadness?
Aug 12, 2012 03:35
You're unbelievable!! wink I haven't been drawing for a while, but coming back time to time, just to check what's new from you guys. Worth it!! Makes me miss this site terribly.
But! I'm glad once I'll be telling my children that I could be a witness of one great painter star rising...wink
Aug 22, 2012 10:15
This is REALLY good!!! Wish I had this much talent on PencilMadness!!!
Aug 30, 2012 02:46
Wow, this is amazing!smile I haven't been on this site in forever,and its nice to see such an amazing painting! I give five stars!
Sep 2, 2012 04:16
Great job! It would be nice if they saved the layers after publishing a drawing.
Nov 15, 2013 06:22
Realy art working.Wonderful!
Mar 24, 2014 06:44
Очень хорошая копия! Особенно учитывая. какими инструментами нарисована )))
Apr 21, 2019 03:49
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