by Ruby

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thanks ruby!

ive never actually thought about printing out the sketches, but i have made copies of them in a different way....thru pastels, watercolor and paint

since i cant always afford analog art supplies (ie, real life brushes and paint haha) i use pencilmadness as a kind of digital sandbox to work out ideas, colors, or styles before they are committed to actual canvas. so far just a tiny fraction of my digital output have made it to that stage. i did manage to do a pretty darn close reproduction of the "kafka" sketch in acrylic on canvas tho

if budget and time allow, i really hope you can do this too! pixel count be dammed - you cant get any more hd than good ol' paint smile besides you have a very bold, organic style that would translate seemlessly to acrylic paint. a lot of your sketches look like matisse paintings!

thanks again for your kind comments and encouragement and, most especially, art!

God bless
Nov 18, 2017 07:32
this sketch is wonderful btw it looks like a real analog painting smile
Nov 18, 2017 07:36
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