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Thank you for agreeing that ALL SIDES of any question deserve free speech.
Jan 15, 2021 07:56
i agree that facebook, twitter, instagram ect - have to be baned.
Jan 15, 2021 12:01
----I don't want FACEBOOK TO BE BANNED--but they are not letting everyone have free speech,and these huge,powerful monopolies have control over everyone's comments and opinions on the Web.It would be great if we could just go to another HUGE MONOPOLY to comment or speak opposite opinions.But there are NONE. NOPE.MONOPOLIZING verbal opinions on the web is against the Constitution.WE ALL HAVE FREE SPEECH.YES,Liberals need to have their rights.I agree with some Liberal rights too.--I sure do.But we need to see opposite political opinions to mine too.My right wing cousin DOES have freedom of speech also.I believe in birth control--but he can express opposite on the Web too.--He has freedom to yak also,all over the darn Web.--as much as I do my stuff too.WOULDN'T YOU WANT EVERYONE TO YAK ON FB TOO?OPPOSITE TO YOUR OPINIONS TOO? It's no FUN if everyone agrees with me,all the time,heh.GO AHEAD, DISAGREE W/Me, you have that right!---I'd fight for your freedom to disagree with me. I guess I'm a "true Liberal."But I'm banned off FB. Sorry for messing up "PM". I need to go bitch on FB, OK,Thanks,guys.Luv you all! wink
Jan 16, 2021 07:43
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