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why no other drawnings ? this one is cool
Mar 3, 2011 08:49
yhy berkup :D
Mar 11, 2011 05:41
Apr 14, 2011 11:11
Hello umit,first i like to say I really think your drawings are amazing, and the second thing is you should, no you must check this link . Somebody is taking credit for your work.
Apr 24, 2011 07:56
I searched youtube for pencillmadness and came across two videos from a guy who takes credit for drawings from a whole bunch of users.
these are the links

If you watch it you'll see that he is a fraud.

At the bottom of his page you can leave a comment, please do let him know what your opinion is in this matter.

he took credit for 3 of your drawings
Apr 24, 2011 11:51
this is old news but here is the supposed plagiarist's website. the purloined pieces can be found in his gallery:!__gallery
Nov 15, 2011 11:12
can someone help me it wont let me authorize my drawing called lady gaga by sonya age13
Dec 31, 2011 06:44
that is awesome
i saw you can make it a wallpaper
Jan 1, 2012 08:34
Awesome :3
Apr 5, 2013 08:14
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