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Test of new app stuff 1
by myx

Rating: 1.5    Votes: 22

4 User Comments

New draw app, cool! :D
Liking this so far, except certain pens stop at the bottom of the screen; I'll explore this later, cuz right now I just want to draw.
Mar 8, 2018 08:17
Also, the portion where I wrote Wow seemed interestingly different, that pen seemed to be finessed somehow. Seemed smoother and more fun; I'll explore that later too...
Mar 8, 2018 08:20
I'm enjoying the new app, but I notice we no longer have keyboard shortcuts or layers. Will those be coming later? Even if not, this new version is fun, though I still might use the older one for layers, etc.
Mar 8, 2018 09:04
thanks, keyboard support, cursors, layers and more will come later
Mar 8, 2018 09:20
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