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hello from old app

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i hope, admins will not delete this. =)

as 'old flash app' can work, but can upload images, i have to put this screenshot here.

when getting tired from 'colourization' and 'how tools works' of modern js-canvas app, i just running my linux virtual machine and trying to draw something, or doing it with android version which can't upload images too, but can save...

Jul 27, 2021 05:42
also i hope this site will continue host an old app page as long, as it possible (i mean - forever).
Jul 27, 2021 05:45
cool screenshot trick!!

for the old app i just downloaded the .swf file and use a standalone flash emulator that way ill always have it even if pm stops hosting it

at first i was bummed that old pm was dead but now im getting used to the new version's brushes. compared to old pm the brushes are easier to control somehow?? ive used nothing but a mouse this whole year w/ no issues. once i can afford another drawing tablet ill see if thats still the case, last one glitched out when i spilled tea on it haha
Jul 27, 2021 11:10
i don't know of all brushes, but my favorite one works not fine with new app, so i prefer any of old ones (android or flash).
Jul 27, 2021 11:30
I Love the old app, many more stylish brush designs, the current app many are just plain with no pizzazz....
Jul 30, 2021 02:26
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