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The reason I drew this.was because California has huge gangs of thugs robbing Lois Vuitton,and big naME expensive stores,IN SAN fRANCISCO,AND wALNUT cREEK,smashing big windows,stealing EVERYTHING EXPENSIVE,and police and National Guard are doing NOTHING!! THIS IS WHERE SUPER RICH PEOPLE LIVE!!! --WHERE people go to expensive California cities to shop!! WHERE IS PRES.BIDEN??DOING NOTHING!! THE GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA??NOT calling out the National Guard!!---our cities like this are falling to big organized criminal GANGS,AND THE FED.GOVT. UNDER DEMOCRATS AND BIDEN DO NOTHING!!! NOTHING!!!--WAIT until it hits your cities or towns in America and you better own a firearm, to protect your home!!!BURGLARY OF HOMES all over the country is UP!!MILLIONS of new people joined the NRA,and 8.4 million new gun owners are hefting a firearm in America. WHY? Cause our fed. govt. does NOTHING.OUR POLICE DEPTS. DO nothing!! wHAT I CAN'T FIGURE OUT,IS BESIDES THE FED.GOVT. LETTING US TURN INTO ANARCHY AND CRIME,WHY are rich influential people who used to go to expensive stores in big cities in California,NOT HITTING UP THEIR POLITICIANS FOR HELP!! Are they all chicken-s--- Liberals with no guts?? If the super billionaires own the country and the fed.govt. WHY ARE THEY DOING NOTHING? AT least if Trump were in,he'd call out the troops!!BIDEN SUCKS HIS THUMB!!!
Nov 22, 2021 10:17
hey, doreett!
shall i draw something about moscow then?
Nov 23, 2021 07:54
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