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Jun 15, 2022 10:04
The building reminds me of the summer house of Dr. Zhivago's family,without the ice and snow freezing it--even inside.--from the movie. Russian authors are often brilliant but not for the "squeamish."Cancer Ward" was tough to read. "Red Square" was very good,I think the "Chechznian"(Chezchnia?Sorry Chezneians!!God I can't spell!!) story in "Red Square"told the reader WHY THE Chechznias (spellimg) attacked Moscow,and and did bombing of Russia,--Chezchnia was a part of Russia but right after WW2 ,several of their people were accused of collaborating with the Nazis.--All the people of that country(which is Moslem) were told "You have one day to pack, you are going to leave your land.Forever."The Russians packed every Chezechnian person into cattle cars on railroad, and took them on a long trip away; it was such a bad trip,plenty of people died,their bodies throwen out.--They were all dumped far away from their country,(those who survived)--and told they had no country now.--They could never go back. THAT is what the Russian author of "Red Square" told about Chezchnia and why they hate Russia. Anyone here can dispute this, I only have that one source.
NOST COUNTRIES have bad stories about what they have done,over the centuries.--America had the Civil War,and destroyed all of the South,destroyed the people, their land,their families, and burned down Atlanta. To this day,Southerners hate the fed. govt. They were FORCED BY BAttle TO STAY IN THE u.s.a.--And now we permanently have the South that hates our guts. __Plus, we killed off most of the American Indians.
Lets face it,Mankind is just a large chimpanzee with a bigger brain. Sorry for bad stories. wink
Jul 3, 2022 02:13
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