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no dejo ni la coma

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i USED TO DRAW AND DO PORTRAITS OF EVERY ONE i knew,or ran into.I guess it was the "My name is Asher Lev- syndrome. "Just draw everyone,every place you live or see..I even drew in the hospital. Thje other thing is "draw cartoons."You don't have to be Disney.I just MAKE FUN OF EVERYONE!!!PARODY,SATIRE. Its easy nowadays cause everything is so corrupt--every one,every thing,even all the govt. .You don't have to be good cartoonist. Listen to a copy of the "Henry Higgins"musical."My Fair Lady."--They make fun of how all Englishmen speak.--They make fun of royalty. The USA,and other countrys have plenty things to make fun of.--especially right now. HAH HAH!! smile--hAVE FUN!!
Jan 21, 2023 03:40
i used to use useless usings of useable use.
unuseable use, anyway, had come of unusual use.
in addition i'd sid about drawing a single line or curve and after do finding something about a deal with it.
Jan 22, 2023 08:56
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