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richter 3

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richter 2: /sketch/show/521913
richter 1: /sketch/show/103407
Aug 24, 2023 05:31
hi could you give me some pointers?I am using a simple draw pen.(do you use an "IPad? do you go out in nature, with a ipadpad or something with no wires??im connected to my computewer.with wires. --i can't take it outside.WHAT should i try to buy??an ipad??thanks!!--doreet
Aug 24, 2023 05:51
i used a pen until i spilled tea all over my wacom bamboo tablet. for the last 100+ sketches ive been using a logitec m190 mouse (usb, wireless cost about $10). later i bought another tablet of the same model on ebay but by then had gotten so used to the mouse i almost never use it anymore haha

since most of my sketches dont involve a lot of straight lines, fine details, or precision, the mouse's limitations never became an issue. using it to draw text is very time consuming tho! i suppose it all depends on your style whether or not a mouse will work for you, ymmv

i run pm thru chrome on my work desktop (shhh dont tell my supervisor!!). chrome is best since it allows for more color options

do i go out in nature? there is nothing natural within the panels of my cubicle lol. i work primarily off of imagination or photos

its great seeing your doodles and social commentary. i hope your tech troubles dont get too much in the way of your self-expression


Aug 25, 2023 02:06
ps, if a plein air experience isnt possible w/ pm you can always take your own photos. i base many of my sketches on cell phone pics i take going into and out of the office. just so happens to be perfect blue hour and golden hour conditions smile
Aug 25, 2023 04:16
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